While I sometimes wish I could hand my clients a dating rubric with suggested timelines of when to advance from one stage to another, this only reinforces their controlling tendencies.

Though control may feel safe, it may ultimately keep them from embracing the beauty in small bits of spontaneity and seeing where life will take them.

As there has been much dialogue about why millennials seem to prefer to “hook-up,” it can actually start to make sense as it may appear to be the easier way to connect.

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It is too much personal freedom and somehow people remain somewhat disconnected, because nobody knows who is supposed to make a move and when it should happen. This article is timely as there is a growing concern overseas in Japan regarding their birth rate crisis.

There are several reasons texting and online dating has taken off, as well as other online alternatives to dating.

Often young women will decide to take matters in their own hands and turn the tables of the waiting game altogether.

And yet, young men and women alike still seem to find themselves lost in inaction.

It is interesting to note that millennials have been exposed to greater dating diversity and acceptance of different lifestyles than previous generations. Obviously this was a highly heterosexist scenario that was played out time and again.

However, they were still brought up by more conservative generations. And yet, in doing extensive relationship therapy, I can’t help but marvel at the simplicity of yesteryears.

Just recall the old TGIF television line-up of family friendly viewing. Today’s romantic relationships are often perplexing at best.

As my therapy clients often struggle with understanding what to make of different relationships, I too find myself struggling beside them trying to make sense of their stories and concerns.

Millennials weren't taught face to face socializing so how are they suppose to meet someone the old fashioned way?