There are many Koreans who don’t make fetishes of particular races.

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Within a few meetings I was taken more seriously and some of my suggestions for their business were put into place.

I stopped wearing makeup or particularly fashionable attire.

date someone foreign he can show off to his friends.

As a caucasian woman with blue eyes and blonde hair I’ve found that, more often than not, this type of local’s intentions are pretty transparent.

I definitely don’t think I was brought in as a white horse in Korea, but it was pretty close.

I can’t speak from firsthand experience as I haven’t dated a Korean man while living here.

There was never a time I felt like I was singled out as a caucasian North-American.

We were friends who enjoyed playing music together.

Language exchanges are great places to meet women who are new to Korea.

Guys chasing the white horse in Korea tend to lurk here. My old school asked me to help a young CEO of a Private Equity firm.

He wanted to meet more of her caucasian (only) friends.